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Long term rentals in Spain: to rent or to buy?

What kind of long term rentals in Spain is best for you? It depends on your situation. In every case, you’ll need a Spanish wireless internet to stay connected!


Are you looking for long term rentals in Spain and you don’t really know what to do? It’s not as easy as many people think: maybe you have enough money to buy a house in Spain but our advice is to keep calm and think a lot before making a decision like this.

Although you have decided to buy a property in Spain, it could be better to rent a house in the area you have chosen to get used to the new life you wish.

Why a rental before buying? We’ll put you a question: are you ready to lose your habits to get used to new ones?

Generally, the answer to this question is “yes”. And perhaps you are really convinced: but you have to live it because sometimes, despite all the beginning enthusiasm, you could fall in a nostalgic mood like “oh, I miss the English style!”.

What can you do to avoid this bad mood? Stay connected to your Anglo-Saxon origins through the best invention of the last 30 years: Internet.

Easymifi is a pocket wifi that provides you the Spanish wireless internet you need to stay connected and remember where you come from. Actually, with Easymifi you’ll be able to use every kind of software that needs internet and you’ll avoid some noising activities like signing on a telephone company or going there catching unsafe wifi.

If you have already experienced a long term rental in Spain and you feel ready to make one of your most important moves for your future life (buying a property), we want you to give some good news.

The first one: you’ll not be alone. According to Foreign Office figures, there were more than 770,000 British people resident in Spain in 2014 – placing it behind only the USA (2.2m) and Australia (1.1m) in popularity.

The second one: has one of the most undervalued housing markets in the world, according to figures issued earlier this year by the  Organisation for Economic Development. 

Read the article from Telegraph to know more about property market in Spain.


The next week we’ll speak about the most common reasons for coming here in Spain with a long term rental. Meanwhile, come here and enjoy the Spanish wireless internet of Easymifi!

Book it now, enjoy Spain and stay connected from 4,50€/day!