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Christmas time: Spanish food culture

Spanish food habits are different from the English ones: discover cultural differences and how you can deal with thanks to Easymifi, your Internet WiFi in Spain.

English and Spanish flags

Today we would like to give you a quick but complete overview of Spanish food culture. Actually, if you are interested in coming here for Christmas you should know some important Spanish habits linked to the wide world of Spanish food.

In the last post we spoke about Spanish food and some habits related to this topic. For example, the great difference in meal times between Spain and United Kingdom.

To get to the point, this huge difference could be a “big” problem: in fact, you should know that in Spain people have lunch between 2 and 3 pm. and if you are used to eat between 12 and 1 pm it could be possible that you will be very hungry at that time.

Do you want to know the Spanish solution to avoid hunger?

It’s quite easy: Spanish people are used to repeat breakfast at least once during the “morning” time. You will realize that it’s quite common to see many people have a second breakfast until 12. So, if you want to plunge into Spanish food habits, have another breakfast and have lunch at 2 pm (more or less).

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Beyond the lunch time difference, you should also know that lunch is the main meal in Spain. It’s not so complicated to guess why it is like this: if you have dinner at 9 or 10 pm maybe it’s better not to eat too much if you want to sleep well.

But, what does it happen if you have an “important” lunch?

That the amount of food you have eaten affects you and can induce you to sleep. This is how siesta was born many years ago, as an unavoidable consequence of eating so late and so much.

Prepare yourself to a different way of living and start to think different. In every case, spend your Christmas time in Spain doesn’t mean that you have to forget your English world: stay connected to social media and don’t lose any news from your group of English friends! Easymifi provides you an Internet WiFi Connection at full speed. Share your Spanish adventure with the people you care about!


See you next week!